Client Testimonials

“FirstPartner’s work brought clarity to our understanding of a complex, challenging market and the research received great feedback from the WEX team. The project helped us to build a focussed Go to Market strategy with confidence.”
Myles Stephenson, Managing Director, WEX Europe

"FirstPartner did what every good partner should do – made our job easier by allowing us to focus on our core business whilst they took care of analyzing and validating our strategy. I would happily recommend FirstPartner to any business looking for in-depth analysis of their business’ positioning and worth to the market."          

Geoff Morley, Head of Strategy and Partnerships


“FirstPartner delivered a deep and insightful piece of research and analysis which was very well received within Oracle and has given us a valuable additional perspective for addressing this market”   

Gordon Rawling, EMEA Marketing Director, Oracle Communications

“FirstPartner have been critical to our success with two of the most complex and challenging Go to Market projects we have ever undertaken.  They really became an integral and valued part of our team.”                

Lucien Groenhuizjen,  MD TomTom DC&P




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Mobile World Congress 2017: 5G, IoT & the World's First AI Toothbrush

PSD2 Draft Regulatory Technical Standards – Why all Payment Stakeholders Need to Act

Bitcoin Remittance Struggling to Deliver?

FirstPartner was at Mobile World Congress 2017 in Barcelona reviewing the latest developments from the Telco world - and much else as well. Check out the full report on our blog.  We give an off-beat summary of some of the more interesting products and technologies on display in a show that heaviliy featured not just 5G and IoT hype but also rob...

The European Payment Services Directive 2 (PSD2) which came into force in January 2016 and will apply from January2018 will bring significant changes and opportunities to the payments and banking sectors in Europe and beyond. 

FirstPartner has collaborated on a joint blog post, published by The Human Chain, which summarises why all those in the ...

A new Citi report challenges the widely held view that Bitcoin delivers simpler and cheaper international remittances.  This new blog post reviews some of the findings of the Citi team and highlights where blockchain does have the potential to disrupt the cross border payments market.

While the Citi analysis highlights some key Bitcoin remittance...