The Challenge
Seeking to expand its services into the United States, Blyk needed to demonstrate to US based clients that its proposition would be successful with American consumers.
A large-scale consumer trial was undertaken in North Eastern USA. FirstPartner managed the trial recruitment process and designed and delivered comprehensive quantitative and qualitative consumer research studies to test participant response to Blyk’s proposition.
"FirstPartner did what every good partner should do – made our job easier by allowing us to focus on our core business whilst they took care of analyzing and validating our strategy. I would happily recommend FirstPartner to any business looking for in-depth analysis of their business’ positioning and worth to the market." Geoff Morley, Head of Strategy and Partnerships, Blyk
Key Deliverables
• Recruitment of 900 trial participants
• Quantitative Participant Surveys and Focus Groups in New York
• Analysis of research data and presentation of findings
FirstPartner's analysis and findings provided Blyk with powerful evidence to demonstrate the strength and depth of its proposition to potential clients and to formulate its strategy for the US market.