The Challenge
Oracle was seeking to kick start the marketing of its recently launched advertising management platform across EMEA. The marketing and sales teams needed insight into the market opportunity, needs and characteristics of potential prospects to optimise their customer engagement strategy.
FirstPartner undertook a detailed research and analysis  project comprising customer segmentation, competitor benchmarking, risk assessment, opportunity valuation & prioritisation and identification of potential prospects. Core to the work was an in-depth survey of Mobile Network Operators across EMEA focussed on understanding needs and vendor selection decisions.
“FirstPartner delivered a deep and insightful piece of research and analysis which was very well received within Oracle and has given us a valuable additional perspective for addressing this market.” Gordon Rawling, EMEA Marketing Director, Oracle Communications
Key Deliverables
FirstPartner delivered in-depth insight into:
• The needs and requirements of potential MNO clients
• Oracle’s positioning vs. competitors
• Oracle’s opportunity to be a market leader
The recommendations have been embraced by Oracle’s marketing, sales and senior management teams resulting in a fine-tuned product and marketing strategy.