The Challenge
To develop a sales toolkit to trial launch a small business customer offering. The channel was existing retail stores, staffed by consumer focused staff.
FirstPartner was engaged to rapidly build the Sales toolkit package. The Customer Value Proposition was built and defined by developing profiles of key customer segments, use cases and needs. These were delivered through the client’s sales methodology structure and a process was developed to allow sales staff to recommend packages according to customer need. Sales training material focused on role play scenarios to practise recognising target customers and engaging them to determine their needs.
A clear understanding of target customer profiles and needs was used to enable sales people to engage effectively.
Key Deliverables
• Target customer segment profiles identifying needs and behaviour
• “Train the Trainer” course and notes
• Sales reference manual
Project Delivery
The sales toolkit was launched to time and has been used successfully with trial store staff to gain market traction in the small business market sector.